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Realizing Our Infinite Self

Rarely in previous times was Self-Realization attainable. It required greatly-dedicated practice for years and even lifetimes to deprogram the psyche from limiting beliefs. Now we’re all moving into transcendence beyond the realm of duality, and taking another step toward realizing who we are beyond our human personhood. We’re learning that every experience is related to how we feel about ourselves. We all want to live in ways that naturally feel good to us, which is living in gratitude, joy, love and freedom.

Our current path through this life provides great opportunity to make life-enhancing choices that return to us in the same quality of vibration that we create by our state of being. We can choose to do this in alignment with heart-consciousness. As we practice intuitive awareness, we become more acutely aware of it, until we realize its constant guidance, especially in dealing with predicaments. We can always know definitely what is best in every moment without fear or doubt.

As our intuitive awareness deepens in our imagination and feelings, we can know immediately the quality of energy we are facing and creating. We can make intentional choices about the quality of experience we desire. It is what we hold in our attention and engage with our thoughts and emotions. If we want to live in freedom and ecstasy, we need to practice imagining and feeling ourselves doing so. This brings us into resonance with our heart-consciousness and our personal essence of awareness.

We can feel the joy of what it is like to be our eternal presence of infinite awareness, unlimited in every way, with power to create whatever we desire to align with. In this condition, it is important to be able to trust ourselves to make life-enhancing choices in every moment. The more we do this, we eventually succeed in constant transcendence, having infinite awareness, while directing our human self-expression in compassion, gratitude and love.

The energetic dimension that we are moving into is beyond the limitations of ego-consciousness and beyond duality. There will always be an element of darkness in our consciousness; otherwise, we would not be aware of the light. This darkness is not destructive; it is unmanifest energy that is available to conscious modulation with our mental and emotional processes. We can transform it into conscious light in every form that exists. We have the power to destroy or to create. The choice is ours, and the results are our experiences.

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