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Realizing Our Higher Destiny

As our natural environment becomes more positive with higher vibrations, we are being drawn into greater love and fulfillment. We are being invited to withdraw our attention and alignment from the psychopaths and their destructive energies, as well as our own deficiencies, and pay attention to the energies of our heart. When we find ourselves locked into dire situations, we can escape by closing ourselves off and beginning to laugh deeply and loudly. The more we laugh, the more we feel like laughing. We cannot be negative at the same time we are laughing whole-heartedly. Laughter carries us into positivity, invites us to breathe deeply and elevates our mood. If we do this with others, the energy gathers strength. Dancing and singing heart-felt songs can have the same effect. They free us from the clutches of negative energy.

Once we are able to be in a positive space, we can dream of love and beauty and the fulfillment of our deepest desires. We can feel ourselves enjoying everything we can imagine in gratitude and confidence. If doubt and fear creep in, we destroy our visions and sabotage our intentions, and we need to change our perspective and start over. Without confidence and gratitude for the fulfillment of our desires, our visions and intentions become just fantasy without substance. Every bit of energy in our thoughts and emotions is significant in creating the experiences of our lives.

With the heightened energies swirling around us in the natural world, great changes are being brought about in all aspects of our lives, and we are in the position of constantly choosing, consciously or subconsciously, the energies we want to align with. We are in the process of creating our new world by the energetic choices we make every day. This is our opportunity to expand our awareness into greater consciousness.

We all have the intuitive guidance of our heart, which draws us into the most fulfilling energetic patterns that we can experience. If we have the desire to be aware of our intuition and the energy of our heart, we can use our natural creative abilities to direct the quantum field to manifest the life that we truly want and the greatest awareness that we can open ourselves to. As we all learn to do this, we prepare for the great ascension of all conscious beings into unconditional love and universal consciousness.

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