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Realizing Our Expansive Self

With the rising energetics of the Spirit of the Earth, we are being engulfed by positive vibrations in rising frequencies. It is becoming easier to be aware of the energy of the heart of our Being. As we become aware of it, we can learn to resonate in alignment with its expansiveness. Following it can take us beyond our limiting beliefs about ourselves. Our intuition leads us toward universal consciousness, where our awareness expands as far as we can allow toward infinite realization. Ego-consciousness can become our faithful servant, whom we can love. While we can be unattached to its limitations, it enables us to live in the empirical world as the personal expression that we create.

As we learn to use the power of our realization to create our reality, we keep bumping up against our limiting beliefs, which instill doubt about what we know. When we intend to be aware of the quality of energetics in every encounter, they can no longer control us. We can become Self-aware with expanded realization, having access to the consciousness that is everyone and everything. Once we realize that we are part of the one universal consciousness, the limitations that have bound our awareness begin to dissolve.

We can continue as our incarnated ego-consciousness, and we can regenerate ourselves on all levels. While we live in harmony with nature, we can regenerate our environment. This requires being only positive in loving confidence about what we are doing and creating. It all happens on a psychic level, as we connect with the quantum field, which manifests our experience of the energetic patterns we have created with our envisioning and feeling.

By asking for inspiration and paying attention to our intuition, we are guided to greater and greater realizations as we are able to accept their reality. This is a time of transcending our self-imposed limitations and realizing our true identity as aspects of our Creator, endowed with limitless abilities. As our awareness expands, our confidence grows, and we gain greater control of our mental and emotional abilities. Our increasingly expansive realization can enable us to be clear, present awareness with great creative power.

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