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Realizing Our Eternal Self

From within our ego-consciousness we are being attracted to the energies of great vitality and abundance. Our natural state of health is living in our prime. When we no longer believe that we must grow old and decrepit, we can open ourselves to living as long as we want in a 25- or 30-year-old body in the shape and condition that we desire. Because we have believed that this is not possible, we have made it so for ourselves.

In the same way, we have believed that we can be controlled by others, whom we do not want to control us. It is our inadvertent submission that allows this. As long as we harbor fear, we are negatively polarized and cannot imagine the reality of personally living now in a world where we are naturally provided with everything we could want, and where we encounter others who are intentionally loving, compassionate and joyful. Yet this is our natural condition, and can be our reality when we realize that it is. It is a leap of faith to open ourselves and fully want to participate in life beyond the confinements of the belief system of humanity.

We can be guided by the most life-enhancing and enjoyable feelings coming into our realization, along with inner visionary and audible impressions. Our natural condition is attracting us to our true selves, who are expressing the energies of living in unconditional love and great joy in gratitude for our Self-Realization of our eternal presence of awareness and infinitely powerful creativity. In resonance with our intuition, our mental and emotional abilities are beyond measure. By being in the vibratory range of joy, we are aligning with our true Being, our soul-consciousness. In this realization we are unlimited in every way.

When we can be mentally and emotionally clear, we are sovereign Beings, free to be however we feel guided to be. This guidance comes through everything that we identify with. By aligning with its essence, we can be aware of it. When we align with its vibrations, our intuitive guidance is what we deeply know. As we learn to practice being in positive, high vibrations in the moment, we gain the ability to transcend ego-consciousness. Our limiting beliefs become unbelievable in realization of our eternal presence of awareness.

How powerful we can be with our creative ability depends upon our clarity and intuitive alignment. Our current condition is irrelevant, because it is a manifestation of our past beliefs and expectations. As we open ourselves to a new way of being, the old must fall away. When we are in alignment with our intuition, we realize that everything we need is provided for us, and we can give and receive freely by our inner knowing. When we deviate from our inner knowing, we are subject to the limitations of ego-consciousness. When this happens, we can intentionally re-orient ourselves to Self-Realization of our eternal presence of awareness and infinitely creative consciousness. We are designed to be the masters of our dimension in unconditional love and joy.

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