Realizing Our Divinity

We all know that we are alive, at least in our imagination. If we have an out-of-body experience, we become aware of a larger sense of our conscious presence of being. We learn that we are more than our body consciousness. We all have the ability to imagine anything that we want, and we can also feel our emotions. These are all abilities that we can use intentionally beyond the body consciousness.

In searching for the origin of our consciousness, quantum physicists have determined that consciousness is unlimited and always present everywhere there is existence of any kind. There is immediate knowing of everything related to every entity in existence, with all of their thought forms and emotions. Consciousness is the essence of everything and expresses itself as the quantum field of all potentialities. Everything arises from the quantum field of universal consciousness and life force. This is the Source of our Being, and it expresses itself as the energy signature of each of us personally. Our personal presence of being, our self-awareness, is pure consciousness without embodiment. In our awareness, we can experience any being or thing that we can imagine. We feel the quality of every entity we choose to be aware of, and we are attracted to those of high-frequency emotions, the emotions of joy and gratitude.

Humanity has lived in a hypnotic state of consciousness in order to partition off our awareness by limiting ourselves to the empirical world, where we could pretend that we’re mortal and can be enslaved and threatened in fear. Now we all have the opportunity to snap out of it and awaken. The realm we’ve been living in is becoming unstable and is disintegrating. It’s being bombarded with high-frequency gamma ray photons that are drawing the frequencies of humanity and the Earth into a higher dimension of vibrations. This is now the natural flow of conscious life force.

If we can intend to recognize the presence of the Creator in everyone and everything, knowing that we are in essence all enlivened by the universal conscious life force and share the same Being, we can recognize the spark of the Creator Being in everyone. This spark of light is the connection of unconditional love. Once we can experience unconditional love, we know who we are. We are radiant Beings of deepest love and joy. This is our natural state of being.

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