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Realizing our Divinity

From beyond our human expression, we can be aware of our own presence. We are limitless in our infinite awareness, which we can know and experience through our intuition. This is the source of our conscious life force, arising within infinite consciousness, and it is our divinity. This word comes from the Sanscrit word “deva,” “shining one.” We are the shining ones in the heart of our Being. We are limitless in our creative power, and we have chosen to express ourselves as the persons that we identify as humans.

In the world of humanity, we are involved in experiences that we interact with in our awareness. By close inspection of our own state of being, and by awareness of the qualities of our encounters, we can draw the comparison of how we feel about ourselves and what we experience. We are the ones controlling the qualities of our experiences by our own attention and emotional engagement. By our own energetic presence, we modulate the energies in our environment into alignment with us. We also have the choice of aligning with the energies we encounter. There is no outside power that can force us to think or feel something. Our state of being in any moment is an expression of our free will and what we believe about ourselves.

By our imagination and our emotions, we move ourselves around in experiences that reflect the vibratory qualities that we create. Although we have accepted many personal limitations, we are the only ones who enforce limited conscious awareness upon ourselves. We are the only ones who keep ourselves from realizing the shining one that we are. By examining and resolving our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we become clear and can use our imaginative attention to align with the life-enhancing energy of our heart, leading us to realization of the unconditional love-essence of our consciousness.

We can practice being in gratitude and joy. There are many techniques for this. Listening to inspiring music; deep, rhythmic, slow breathing; biofeedback; prolonged, intentional laughter; and opening to and aligning with the energies of nature in beautiful and majestic places, are all methods of alignment with our higher guidance. Anything that reflects love and joy can help us align with our intuitive presence of awareness in realization that we are the shining one, infinite in our essence and eternal Self-Realized presence.

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