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Realizing Our Divine Nature

Our nature is always to be high, mentally and emotionally, and living in a state of gratitude and joy. This is how we can be right now. Nothing keeps us from realizing the truth about ourselves, except our own imaginary limiting beliefs about ourselves. We may infer that what is natural for us is what we all want. If we were not created to want love and joy in our lives, we would not want it. We have a natural energetic attraction for joy and ecstasy.

These are the vibrations in the heart of our Being. In the energy of our heart, there is only powerful vitality and infinite love for all. When we are able to align with these feelings and visions, we call them into our experience through our modulation of quantum energetics in our own essence.

How we present ourselves to ourselves and to others determines the qualities of our experiences. Having the perspective of life-enhancement in every situation and encounter, brings us into alignment with the consciousness of the Creator of all, giving us our essence of Being. Arising within universal consciousness, our own fractal of creator-awareness gives us our personal expression and our infinite creative power, subject only to any limitations that we have created in our own consciousness.

Our reality is created by what we recognize and realize as real. By our alignment with its energetics, we have given reality to a dualistic empirical world of unknown cause and ultimate demise. But none of us wants this. It is unreal, except in our own mental and emotional projections. Once we align with our heart-consciousness, we can realize our eternal presence of awareness, and the game of human mortality becomes obvious.

Except for their cause of events that come into our experience, none of our previous thoughts, deeds and words are important. We’ve already forgiven ourselves before we dropped into this dimension. What is important is our vibratory alignment with our heart-consciousness in every moment from now on. Anything that prevents this comes from a limiting belief that we can resolve, if we want to. Our intuition guides us in this process.

By sensing and following the thoughts and feelings that come to us in our heart-consciousness, we can always be in gratitude and joy, with all our needs and desires automatically fulfilled in abundance. It is in our nature. This is what we all want, and is where our negative ego dissolves. For us to feel alone, dispirited or ashamed, is unnatural. It’s not how we want to feel, but we are the only ones keeping ourselves enslaved to energies that diminish our lives. We do not have to engage with conflict, chaos and limitation in any way. They are not part of heart-consciousness, which is in a dimension beyond duality. There is only infinite love and creative power flowing through us as we direct our awareness.

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