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Realizing Our Creative Potential

We can ask for awareness of being in the consciousness of the Creator, the infinite One that is All, the Source of our conscious life force. By aligning in resonance with life-enhancing positive vibrations, we can realize the energy coming through our heart. Our intuitive knowing opens to us, and we can have access to universal consciousness. We can create whatever we want by realizing it and feeling ourselves interacting with it. When we do this on a heart-felt level, and we recognize its reality, it becomes real in our experience.

We are the consciousness of the Creator, as much as we allow ourselves to be. By being open to recognizing our shortcomings, we can realize how we keep ourselves from receiving the unconditional love that every encounter can bring us. If we harden ourselves against experiencing negative energies, we actually resonate with their vibrations and hold them in our experience. The way out of this enslavement is to raise our vibrations in the positivity of gratitude, joy and compassion and to intentionally transform the energy that we have been holding.

We can control only what happens in our own consciousness, and this we can control completely. We are designed to create whatever we can realize as real in our feelings and beliefs, actual or imaginary. Our energy signature radiates our polarity and vibratory level into the quantum field for manifestation into our experience. By staying in the energy of our heart, we can maintain a confident perspective of love and compassion, regardless of outer circumstances. By being confidently positive in ourselves and in our encounters, we can transcend our beliefs in our personal limitations.

In the consciousness of the Creator, we are unlimited, and we can realize this by aligning with the energy of our heart and our intuitive knowing. This awareness is beyond ego-consciousness and requires transcending our limitations. It is an intentional reorientation of our perspective and can transform every aspect of our lives based in negativity, which does not exist in higher consciousness. We can live from one miracle to the next in confidence and gratitude. Our natural state of Being is abundance, freedom and joy, as much as we allow for ourselves, for we are the creators of the quality of our life.

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