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Realizing Our Creative Essence

We can learn to lead with our heart and follow with our mind. Our heart-consciousness will provide us with what we want, but limited by what we subconsciously believe about ourselves. Once we can release our limitations, we are free to follow our heart and manifest the experiences we truly want in our lives. Our essence is an expression of the consciousness of the Creator of all, the One consciousness, which we participate in. We are our consciousness without limits. When we limit our awareness to the empirical world, we do not know our expansive Self.

When we intentionally open our awareness into alignment with the greatest love and joy we can imagine, we can open ourselves to our heart-consciousness. This is the center of our conscious life force and is the true power in our lives. It is our inner divine guidance and our potential genius in every aspect of life. It is our inner knowing without thought. Being able to transcend thoughts into a realm of mental and emotional silence enables us to align completely with our heart-consciousness. This state of being carries our ego-consciousness into a trance of observing and learning without stress.

In this clear state of being, we can examine our limiting beliefs and find their origin in hidden pain and suffering, while they keep us from being transcendent. By maintaining our awareness of heart-consciousness in compassion and love, we can accept our subjection to suffering. We no longer need that limitation, or any other based on belief in fear and mortality. We can be grateful for all of our experiences in deepening our understanding of negative energy and its effects, and we can release it from our inner knowing of ourselves as multidimensional, transcendent Beings with infinite awareness beyond time and space.

It’s a big leap in expanding our conscious awareness to become heart-conscious in the enhancement of all life. When we do so, our awareness opens to our creative power, which we constantly use with our imagination and emotions. This ability can be greatly enhanced by clarity in aligning with our intuition. When we know our eternal essence, we can have absolute confidence in our creations. As Self-Realized fractals of creator consciousness, we have no limits on what we can transmit into the quantum field of all potentialities for manifestation in our lives.

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