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Realizing Infinite Love and Joy

The consciousness that we all share is infinite, but the portion that we are aware of is localized within our chosen, accepted and realized limitations. In order to have greater awareness, we must recognize our limitations for what they are and realize that they are all based on beliefs that we have created for ourselves in alignment with belief in our mortality. We have believed in the inevitability of deprivation, suffering, aging and death. Through the vibrations of these beliefs, we have attracted experiences that resonate with them.

If we want to be more light-filled in our Self-Realization, we must resolve our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We created these beliefs for the purpose of developing greater compassion and deeper understanding of the effects of encountering and engaging with negative energy. Aligning with negativity is always life-diminishing. We are learning to identify negative energy and transform it to the vibrations of life-enhancement. We do this by using our mental and emotional powers in inspiring and loving ways in all of our encounters and experiences. This is not weakness. It is the most powerful way of being, because it establishes a personal vibratory quality beyond the experience of negativity.

There is no need to judge anyone as bad or inadequate. These are traits within our own consciousness, and we project them upon others, not having been able to accept them for ourselves. We have lived without higher guidance, and in many ways we have participated in things that we do not want to acknowledge. We must choose to forgive ourselves for our inability to love ourselves and everyone unconditionally always. Only when we are perfectly in alignment with the energy of our heart can we have this ability, because we can transcend our limitations by realizing our eternal presence of awareness and infinite creative power that constantly arises for us within the life-essence of universal consciousness.

Once we realize that our physical presence is an expression of our essence, we are free to change everything about ourselves. All we need to do is expand our realization of what is real. Within our own awareness we have the ability to feel, know and realize our expansive Self. It requires our intentional awareness in gratitude of the great joy and love constantly arising and radiating from our heart-consciousness. This is the transformative energy that lives within us and guides us to experiences that we deeply desire. Expanded realization and knowing is a gift that comes from opening to heart-consciousness.

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