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Realizing Higher Consciousness

Connecting with the energy of our heart and aligning with out intuitive knowing is the most important process we can engage with. We can be completely Self-directed, living in gratitude, love, abundance and freedom. As long as we can maintain a positive perspective and feel ourselves in the high vibrations of joy and compassion, we enable ourselves to live in a higher dimension of light, that provides mastery of the human situation.

Many challenges await us, but we have had sufficient experience to understand what is happening. No longer can the negative elite control us, if we do not psychically feed them our life force through our fear, anger and frustration, which they do their utmost to engender in us.

If we seek within our own knowing, we can begin to realize our eternal Being, our present awareness beyond time and space. Our experience of this knowing opens up to us as a result of our intention. If we ask for it, we have much help available in the inner realm. Each of us has guides, angels and ascended Beings, as well as our own higher Self, who can open our awareness when we are ready for realization of our eternal presence.

What is required of us is being quiet in an environment that is inspiring, turning off all outer stimulation, except possibly for quiet, uplifting music or the sounds of nature. We can begin with a few deep, rhythmic breaths. At first, we can just be aware of the thoughts and emotions that pass through us, as we turn down the stress, anxiety and fixations of our lives. We can practice observing without engagement or involvement. We can also learn to be intentionally creative, imagining and feeling ourselves living in higher-dimensional scenarios. Ultimately, we can move into alignment with the consciousness of the Creator in unconditional love and joy. The more we can do this, the easier it is to release our attachments to personal limitations and to become intentional in every moment.

Our goal can be mastery of life in a heart-centered environment, participating in a positive, high-frequency state of Being. This spectrum of consciousness exists for us as soon as we can recognize it and realize that it is real. This is our great challenge in learning how to expand beyond our limiting beliefs about ourselves. If we can keep intending to align with the life-enhancing energy of our heart until it becomes habitual for us, we receive inner knowing of how to do this. Everything we need is brought to our attention. Mostly we’ve been ignoring this guidance, but it’s still present in the life force that we constantly receive as we arise in the consciousness of the Creator. If we search for it, we will become aware of it, along with the inner sound of the plane of consciousness that we occupy in our presence.

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