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Realizing Greater Consciousness

We can use all of our abilities to practice being our True Selves. Our power of discernment is critical in sharpening our awareness of the subtle energies separating negativity from positivity. Our doubt and fear have disempowered us from actualizing our creative manifesting ability. When we can be aware of the slightest tinge of doubt about our Infinite Being and creative power, we are very close to complete alignment with our true Essence.

When we can intentionally align with our inner vision and intuitive guidance in every moment, we can expand our awareness into universal consciousness. As more us achieve this state of Being, it becomes easier for everyone to align with the higher spectrum of vibrations in the realm of gratitude, love, compassion and joy. By imagining ourselves to be unfettered from limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can expand our awareness. At first this may be just a daydream, but the more we open ourselves to our inner knowing, the clearer it becomes, until we find that it is always present, prompting us to pay attention to the highest vibrations in the moment.

Being aware of how we feel in every moment enables us to be completely Self-guided in every situation. Knowing the vibratory quality of our intuitive guidance gives us understanding of everything that is happening from a perspective beyond ego-consciousness. In this state of clarity, we can modulate the energies in our presence to align with the vibrations in the heart of our Being. This is the process of transforming ourselves, humanity and all conscious beings into a state of enhanced living in greater vitality and joy.

When we are mentally and emotionally clear, we are powerful creators, projecting our full life force into the quantum field for manifestation in absolute confidence. With our intentional awareness of the light in every being, our natural radiance raises the vibrations of everything and everyone around us. Our life becomes miraculous and free. By choosing to live in unconditional love and life-enhancing energies, we transform our life experience into a high-energetic dimension beyond the reach of negativity. We can live in the spectrum of gratitude, compassion, love and joy, while also interacting with others who are living in the dimension of duality. In these relationships, we can feel within ourselves how to handle every interaction in confidence and in elevating ways.

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