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Realizing, Embodying and Expressing the Truth of Our Being

In every now moment we are present as great Beings of Light, infinite in our awareness and creative ability, but until we can free our attachment from our limitations, our human aspect cannot realize this. All it requires is changing our perspective, releasing our limiting beliefs about ourselves, and aligning ourselves vibrationally with our true essence. We can take a few deep, rhythmic breaths and center ourselves in the energy of our heart. Here we can envision ourselves in the image of the Creator, as fractals of the divine One. We can feel inspired in the light, filled with vitality and unconditional love for all. We can envision every cell in our body as a perfect, radiant and regenerated expression of our greater Self.

By holding this vision whenever we can, we begin to realize its reality, and our life experiences begin to manifest this energy for us, regardless of what may otherwise be happening in our periphery. If we can hold the feeling of being filled with divine light, it transforms our human expression and experience. We become able to interact with the light in everyone we encounter, even those who have rejected their own, having stolen what they have from others through deception.

When we have thoroughly aligned our awareness with our inner knowing, we cannot be threatened, because we have released fear and belief in our mortality. We vibrate in a dimension beyond the reach of negatively-polarized beings, who have access to our consciousness only if we engage with their vibration.

Everything exists within our own consciousness, even if we don’t realize it. If we limit our awareness, we pretend and believe that there is an entire world outside of us. The way that we can know what is true is to align with our intuitive knowing, because nothing beyond our own consciousness is provable. Everything is hearsay and appearance. What is real is universal consciousness and its expressions of infinite patterns of electromagnetic waves, some of which we perceive as empirical reality, because that’s how our consciousness interprets them, according to our beliefs.

Once we begin to know ourselves as great Beings of Light and choose to vibrate in alignment with our inner knowing through the energy of our heart, we transform our lives into expressions of divine awareness and limitless, intentional creativity. This is the destiny that we are here to realize. We are eternal expressions of the divine One.

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