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Realizing Complete Freedom

In the projection of our destiny, which we desired to experience prior to our incarnation, we have found ourselves in our current conditions and situations. Innately we know that we don’t have to live within the limitations that we have created for ourselves. Once we realize this, we can recognize and accept who we believe ourselves to be and be grateful for every experience we’re had. We’ve learned to recognize patterns of energy and experience how they feel. We know the difference between energies that are life-enhancing and those that are life-diminishing. What we have needed to learn here is how to use our power and choice of mental and emotional focus with the knowledge of constant creation of patterns of energy that manifest into our experience.

Once we know what it is, we are not required to align with negativity. It is a choice, which we have often made from a perspective based on conscious and subconscious programming, including ancestral inheritance. We are as free as we allow ourselves to be. We haven’t realized that we are completely free spirits, without constraints of any kind. By nature we are constantly created within universal consciousness and endowed with infinite awareness and creative power.

Because we are free to use our abilities however we want, we can create and destroy. To keep ourselves from being ultimately terminal, we have experienced life-diminishing and destructive energies within a limited consciousness. Now that we have had deep experiences in the realm of duality, we can trust ourselves to know and choose the kind of energies we prefer to experience. This requires us to want to transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves, especially the belief that we each have a separate, limited consciousness that is mortal.

When we realize our true nature and abilities, we must be able to trust ourselves to be clear and aligned with life-enhancing perception. Because we have learned that these are the energies that we love, we want to create more of them by being the way we love in every moment in our daily lives. As we align ourselves with our deepest inner knowing, this is what we are intentionally doing. Once we know that we can create whatever we want by directing our vibrations, we are completely free and can express the joy of experiencing life in new and inspiring ways.

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