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Realizing and Transcending Our Reality

we’re graduating from thought as we have known it. We can expand our awareness beyond our ego-conscious mental processes into empty present awareness. In this state of Being, we have access to an inner world of infinite possibilities. By aligning with their vibratory resonance, we can choose the ones we want to experience. We can invite them into our experience and sense their presence in our inner awareness. Our entire reality resides within our consciousness. When we release our fixation on what we believe is real, we free ourselves to realize our infinite essence of present awareness. We can free ourselves from negative experiences that we have created intentionally and unintentionally. As they no longer exist in our attention, they pass out of our experience.

There are many ways to achieve empty present awareness. After many years, or even lifetimes, of practice, many Tibetan monks reach this stage of presence of Being. We like shortcuts to this realization of our presence, and we’ve found some. We can soak in a sensory-depravation chamber for as long as we allow ourselves. We can engage in bio-feedback. We can become aware of the inner sounds of the dimensions we identify with. For some, ayahuasca and other psychotropic shamanic plants can greatly enhance our intentional awareness.

In empty inner awareness, we can sense our intuitive knowing in clarity and confidence. As we open ourselves to our true essence, by aligning with our greatest life-enhancing vitality, we can enter a process of self-transformation. We can engage with everything in our human experience from a perspective of our choice. The realization that love is the most powerful force occurs when we align with it in every aspect of our lives. It is the nature of the guidance we receive in our intuition. By keeping our attention aligned with life-enhancement, we invite it into our experience. Fear and intimidation do not exist in this alignment. Love is powerful, because it is attractive, more than anything else, and it’s the most desirable and fulfilling expression of life to hold in our attention.

Because we are the creators with our personal radiance, we bring into being the expressions of our own vibratory spectrum. This is what we experience. By being intentional in every aspect of life, we can transform our lives. This requires being an acute observer with no limiting beliefs. Waiting for our recognition and energetic alignment, everything we need and want is within our own consciousness.

We’re not incarnated here to have to deal with the evil-doers. We’re here to learn to transcend their negative energy and to leave them to their self-destruction. When we open ourselves to our own heart-consciousness, we can identify with our true nature and ascend into a dimension beyond negativity.

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