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Realizing a Timeline Shift

As we learn to pay attention to our vibrations and how we deeply feel about ourselves in every moment, we can alter the constraints to awareness that we have placed upon ourselves. Any life-diminishing thoughts and feelings can come into our awareness for what they are. In our heart, we can use this awareness to focus our attention on scenarios that we want and love. By intentionally raising our own vibrations in alignment with our conscious essence, we strengthen the light of our heart and become more radiant in the consciousness of the Creator.


Since we have accepted the threat of termination of our consciousness, we must come to know that this is fantasy. At worst, it is unknown. Our physical presence is an expression of our conscious essence. We are projecting our human characters as actors in the human drama of living in a predominance of negativity. Our script has room for extemporaneous creativity and adjusts itself as we require. It is here that we can enhance the consciousness of humanity, using our creative intentions and attention to align with the desires of our heart.


Once used to balance the energy of humanity in a realm of good and evil, negative energy is no longer supported here. As the vibratory resonance of our planet is becoming powerfully positive, the Spirit of the Earth no longer accepts negative energy, which is no longer hidden. Humanity is recognizing it and rejecting it. Anyone who is predominantly negative is having an increasingly difficult time living here. This portion of the population is migrating to a more compatible planet.


As we increase the light in our eyes and the radiance of our heart, we are transcending into the realm of love and joy. This is one of the timelines available within the scripted destiny of the human drama. Rising naturally in alignment with our deepest feelings for life, our experiences occur in an energetic dimension beyond negativity. We can open our realization to our eternal presence of awareness, which we all share in the essence of our consciousness.


If we expect every day to be filled with the vibrations of our heart, and we hold that perspective, regardless of how long it takes to manifest in our experience, we can transform ourselves into the beings that we love and want to be. We can become acutely aware of our inner knowing of everything. Arising in the universal consciousness of the Creator, our conscious essence empowers us to create whatever we want by aligning the vibrations of our mental and emotional processes with the prompting and knowing that comes to us deeply within our Being as life-enhancement in every way for all life.

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