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Reaching for a Deeper Understanding of Life

Our culture presents God as an entity that is separate from us, if there even is a God. In experiments that anyone can duplicate, physicists have determined that every entity is conscious, based on how photons know where other photons are; how they communicate with one another and how they can become fractals of themselves in order to illuminate something and fill all pathways to their goal. These abilities indicate intelligence, intent and awareness on a subatomic level. This and other experiments with subatomic energies prompt us to conclude that all waves/particles display consciousness. They are the essence of the expression of everything. If all of our constituent entities, from sub-sub-atomic on up to everything comprising our bodies is conscious, then our bodies also must be conscious beings.

We are intimately connected with our bodies, and if we are unusually perceptive within, we can realize the intelligence of our body’s constituent entities, and we can feel their subtle presence, their state of vitality and their vibratory expression. These things are present in universal consciousness, awaiting our awareness and recognition. Once we are capable of a deep awareness of our body-consciousness, we can detect the symbolism of any defects that our bodies may have. These indicate a blockage of life force as a result of limiting beliefs about ourselves, resulting in physical deterioration. We have etheric inflammation. Physical defects have a quality of energy imbued with negativity and some level of fear that we hold about ourselves. The subject of our fear is symbolized by what our body-consciousness has created in resonance with our conscious vibratory spectrum, our energy signature.

Fear of suffering and diminishment, and ultimately fear of termination are based on our belief in our mortality and separation from God. We have been taught that we are independent entities, perhaps with a spark of life that we received from our parents and on through our ancestors to the first humans, who somehow arose and expressed conscious and separate physical life. The problem with this perspective is that physicists have found that the electromagnetic essence of our empirical world, consists of waves-particles. These are consciously connected with all other wave-particles everywhere and know where each other is at any moment and what form they are expressing. If all sub-atomic waves/particles have at minimum a species-wide conscious awareness, they are consciously connected as well as being individuals. Separation appears physically, but the essence of every entity is part of a universal consciousness that fills everyone.

If there is only one consciousness that every entity participates in, there can be no separation of consciousness between entities in our essential being. In our deepest awareness we cannot be separate from the Creator of all. All conscious life force arises constantly within universal consciousness, imbuing all entities with conscious, individualized life force. We are the ones who can wield our conscious awareness in ways that we freely choose to express ourselves. Once we free ourselves from our belief in separation, we can realize our expanded awareness beyond ego-consciousness. We can feel our heart-consciousness and realize the reality of our inner knowing beyond the empirical world of duality.

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Conheci esta página hoje. E Na medida que leio e respiro ,sinto minha consciência se expandindo... Gratidão!!

Kenneth Schmitt
Kenneth Schmitt
Feb 17, 2023
Replying to

Obrigado por ler, responder e apreciar.

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