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Processing Our Limitations

Our beliefs about ourselves are the primary confinements of our consciousness. Our awareness does not go beyond them. They define how we are in every way, right down to the vitality of our subatomic physical constituents. When we align ourselves with life-enhancing energies, we do not need limitations. We go through a process of transcendence, finally realizing that we are infinite in our presence of awareness. We envelop the consciousness that constantly creates universes. We share in infinite creative power.

While we have been experiencing negative, life-diminishing thoughts and emotions, we could not trust ourselves with our awesome abilities. We hid our true essence from ourselves in our heart’s consciousness. The heart has intelligence far beyond the capacity of the brain. It does not need to think and analyze, because it already knows everything. Except for our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we already know everything, and we can feel the awareness of every being around us.

We are in a process of expanding our awareness. We are awakening from the hypnotic trance of humanity. Through our ability to call forth thoughts and emotions, we can control our state of being. This is our energetic signature. It constitutes the expression that we radiate within and around us and attracts compatible patterns of energy, which become our experiences. When we pay attention to thoughts and emotions that turn us on, we align with these energies and attract experiences that are formed by a similar expression that is in resonance with us. In this way we can transcend our fixation on living within limitations.

Instead of believing that we must struggle to survive, we can open our awareness to the consciousness of our heart and follow our intuitive guidance. It will take us into experiences that are fulfilling and wonderful. We have to work through our doubts about our creative ability. Doubt itself has no reality of its own. It is our own personal creation, along with all forms of fear. It arises from our belief in mortality and our subjection to negative energy. This is a choice on our part, and we can change it. We can realize that it is impossible for our awareness to end, because it is beyond time and space. Our awareness is always present in infinite consciousness, of which we are fractals, sharing in all aspects of its expansiveness.

Since our ego-consciousness consists of all of our fears and limiting beliefs, it cannot imagine that we could consist of infinite conscious awareness in the perpetual present moment, which includes everything. Our essence cannot really even be described, because words are limiting. As our realization opens though our heart-consciousness, we can understand how our enslavement to negative experiences became possible, and how we can allow them to dissolve from our reality, by paying attention to what we deeply desire and love in everyone and everything with gratitude and joy. This is the path of miracles and wonders.

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