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Preparing Ourselves for Our New Reality

In recent years our quality of life has taken a significant diminishment at the hands of the global elite. We have barely escaped terminal enslavement, and now the entire Matrix is coming apart and dissolving. What will replace it, and how will we survive without our psychopathic rulers? We do not need to know the details, or even the forms that will arise. We only need to be in gratitude and to know that we are always abundantly provided for. This would already have been our experience, except that we gave our divine inheritance away to the thieves and parasites by aligning ourselves with their energy, either by submission or rebellion.

The new world is an experience of love, joy, abundance and freedom to do and be whatever and whoever we want, apart from interfering with another being, including the Earth. This may be beyond belief for many, considering our current predicament, which appears to be getting worse. It is only the dying throes of the parasites, as they thrash and scream insanely for their final apocalyptic moments, desperately trying to steal our life force through fear and intimidation. We are not required to give it to them. We have free will to choose how we think and feel about everything. No one can make us react to anything in fear or dread.

We are the creators of our lives, and we always have been. By our naivete and acceptance of negative energy, usually disguised as positive by our rulers, we have allowed them to suck the life force out of us through taxes, currency manipulation, military conscription and warfare, interest charges, intentional plagues, poisoning of our food, water and air and enforced injection of toxic and lethal substances. But if we knew how to control our own energetic alignment, we never had to accept any of this.

The appearance of physical solidity has beguiled us into thinking that the empirical world is our ultimate reality, when we now know through quantum experiments and mathematics that everything is energy, and materiality is only apparent. We are energetic beings. In fact, we are energetic modulators, able to control the quality of our experiences through the polarity and vibratory level of our imaginary visions and feelings, as we realize the light within all beings and situations.

By aligning ourselves with the vibrations of vitality and transcendence, we attract only experiences that are in resonance with our state of being, regardless of the negative energies swirling around us. Positive energies are always present for us to experience, which becomes possible when we recognize them and align with them. As Jesus said we could, we now know how to do everything he could do and more.

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Jun 19, 2022

Wonderfully put. Ken you are a true spiritual wordsmith that changes the vibration by reading your words. Yes, the Elites are throwing everything at us and the key is not buying into the lowest vibration of fear. Thank you.

Kenneth Schmitt
Kenneth Schmitt
Jun 20, 2022
Replying to

Thank you, Al. Once we learn that we no longer need fear or any negative feeling, we can transform our lives, independent of anyone or anything outside of our own Being. We are absolutely the creators of the qualities of our personal experiences, and we affect the energies around us as well.

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