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Penetrating Deeper into Our Consciousness

We express ourselves as energetic patterns that attract our experiences. It all happens within our own consciousness. Our energetic alignment with the world that we know and experience has kept us focused on the realm of duality. The realm of only positive energetics is present for us, when we can recognize it as real and intentionally align with it. In this level of conscious awareness, we can feel the energy of the heart of our Being. It is life-enhancing and regenerating in vibrant ways. These energies are not limited to time and space. They are universal, as in the song of One.

Aligning with heart-energy has its own inner sound current, which changes with our level of consciousness, as well as feelings of gratitude and joy. It opens our intuitive sensitivity and awareness and keeps us present in the moment. We can become clear and passionate. We can learn to call up emotional states in subtle and powerful ways, accompanied by imaginary scenarios. All of our experiences actually are imaginary, and we experience the ones that we believe are real.

While we’re embodied on the Earth, we live within a limited spectrum of our potential awareness. These limits exist only within our own consciousness. We can keep them, if we want to, or we can transcend them to explore our infinite Being. If we are open to it, this can be accomplished by choosing to be always positive, loving and compassionate. By focusing on these energetic expressions, we can go deeper emotionally and with greater understanding. Aligning with the energy of our true heart allows us to recognize the light in everyone and to interact on this level.

The magnetic poles of the Earth are changing as the negative is receding. Our planet is becoming unipolar at the center. This change in energetics is affecting us as well. We are being urged to be only positive. In alignment with the Earth, we can be moving toward a deep understanding and feeling of unconditional love without limits. This is the energy of our heart, which also offers us constant guidance in our intuition, whenever we seek it and are receptive to it.

As we become more positive, we are able to enter a world of love and peace, because these are the energetics that we express and attract. We enter this world by recognizing its reality and aligning with its vibrations, causing it to manifest in our experience. We can do this while living our accustomed lives and making adjustments as we go along, or we can just make the leap in consciousness and quickly transform our lives, possibly with some challenging pushback that we can resolve with intuitive guidance.

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