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Our True Natural, Inspired Capabilities

Humans can be very ingenious. Solutions to every problem exist in the quantum field. Through our intuition we can find them and align with them. When we are confronted with a challenge that our ego-conscious mind cannot withstand, we often become aware of our intuitive knowing, and the solution appears to us. With our intuition we can even jump timelines and be in a different aspect of living by changing our polarity and vibratory level, even temporarily. Once we free our awareness beyond duality, we can have so much more fun, because there’s no stress, when we live in a world of love.

Before we lived in this realm of duality, we could not imagine negativity or what fear feels like. In our eternal awareness, we could not have polarity. We came into this compartment of consciousness to experience it and to find our way back to realizing our true unlimited Self through our intuitive guidance, which we must seek intentionally to be aware of. We must have a desire to be our true infinite, creator Self. We can find this level of knowing in the energetic life force that flows through our heart and fills our entire Being. It is only positive and supportive of all life-enhancing thoughts and feelings.

We have provided the defects in our bodies and experiences, everything that’s wrong in our lives, by our limiting beliefs about ourselves. Believing in suffering and death limits us to a level of fear. The ego-consciousness must have fear to exist, because it has no awareness of higher guidance. When we become only positive by paying attention to our intuition, we no longer need the ego to navigate for our survival, because we are led only to positive experiences. Once we realize the invalidity of our limitations through our intuitive knowing, we can resolve them. We are being guided to examine our personal beliefs in terms of polarity and level of vibrations. Since we have created all of our limiting beliefs, we can resolve them, even the ones hidden deeply in our subconscious.

While intending to achieve complete resolution within, we can use our emotions creatively to rise into positive feelings with gratitude. If we can stay in this state of being, even when apparently intimidated, we can realize that only the ego can be intimidated. There is no such feeling in our true Self, but now we have expanded our abilities of knowing the feelings and visions of negativity. It has deepened our compassion and understanding. Now we can expand into a much greater state of Being of unconditional love in awareness of our infinitely creative power.

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