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Our Self-Expressions and Potential Awareness

Everything around us is a reflection of our own energetic creations. If we have been living under the guidance of our ego-consciousness, it is all a distraction from awareness of our true Being. We have kept ourselves interminably busy in patterns of survival, so that we have been unable to confront the truth about ourselves. We have not known the essence of who we are, or what our true abilities are. Our ego needs protection, care and adulation, because it is an artificial creation without its own life force. It exists by our recognition of it, and our belief in it as real. We have been trained to believe that we are our ego, empowered by our mysterious subconscious, and in extreme situations, guided by our superconscious or higher Self.

To regain our connection to our true Self, we can evaluate the energy that we encounter and that flows through us. We can begin to determine its polarity. Is it negative, expressing some form of fear, or positive, expressing joy and life-enhancement? By moving away from fear and toward appreciation and gratitude in our own perspective in every situation, we can begin to transform our life experiences.

Nothing comes into our experience, unless we recognize it and believe in its reality, giving it permission to enter our lives. The ruling elite have become masters at training us to comply with their program and accept our enslavement. We are now in the final act of this play, and our choice is either ultimate submission to transhumanism and complete enslavement or defiance and freedom to live in unconditional love and alignment with the consciousness of our Creator. The energy patterns for both of these scenarios have been intersecting for some time, but then began diverging. We are being compelled to choose the path of our destiny. The experience of duality or eternity.

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