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Our School of Enlightenment

Every experience of our lives begins with a choice of energetic alignment. Since we live in a world of duality, of positivity and negativity, nothing is better or worse or good or bad. Every choice has a polarizing quality and a vibratory frequency. It is these energetics that radiate throughout our consciousness and attract experiences that resonate with us. We live in the energetic plasma that we create through our state of being. Nothing happens by accident. All of our experiences are attracted to us by our own mental and emotional perspectives and feelings in every moment.

When we suffer, feel depressed, violated or subject to an accident, it is all a result of our own energy. We are in school to learn to direct our thoughts and emotions to the experiences that we truly want. We cannot escape from the results and reflections of our own energy. There is no punishment or reward in nature. There are only events drawn into our experience by our own energetics. None of us is unintentionally enslaved or thrown into poverty or in need of being saved by someone else.

All of us are masters of consciousness in our essence. We are expressing ourselves in our human lives for our greater experience in encountering a diverse set of energies in an environment that is possible only within the consciousness limits that we have designated and subjected ourselves to through our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

Whenever we are ready, we can change our experiences by changing our personal orientation to life. We can play with our energetics to determine for ourselves what happens as a result of our habitual thoughts and feelings. Although we have learned to react to events and encounters outside of our bodies, no one can require us to react in any specific way. We have absolute freedom to think and feel however we want at all times. Instead of anger, we can choose compassion. Instead of jealousy, we can choose gratitude. Instead of shame and poverty, we can choose joy and abundance. It all depends on our attitude. Every negative has an equal and opposite positive. We are free to choose either one and find out what happens as a result.

This school of ours has teachers, guides and angels to assist us. We can receive their help by asking for it in heart-felt ways in which we lay ourselves open to their guidance and love, and by imagining what their presence feels like and then aligning our own feelings with them. This opens us to our intuitive knowing, providing us with everything we need in every situation.

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