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Our Process of Transformation

The first stage in awakening is realizing that nearly everything we have been taught has been fabricated for the purpose of lowering our vibrations and keeping us negatively polarized. By having been prevented from knowing our true identity and abilities, we have learned to accept subjugation to psychopathic rulers and to give them our life force through our fear and suffering. We have accepted living with psychic parasites. We do not need them, but they cannot live without us.

To gain release from them, we must realize our predicament and explore the reality of our own nature. We have been trained to have limiting beliefs about ourselves, and these beliefs keep us from knowing who we are. They are the key to our freedom, and they are very difficult to overcome, because they have been ingrained in our consciousness since birth. For those of us who can go back prior to our birth, and those who have had out-of-body experiences, it is much easier, because we know that we are unlimited in our conscious awareness.

There is still the problem of fear of suffering and death of the body. For confronting this situation successfully, we can practice working with the energetics of consciousness. If we can decide to be only positive in our perspective, and follow through with this, we can transform our lives. Living through the transition period, in which we still experience the negative energies that we aligned with previously, is our great challenge.

Unless we are positive and heart-centered, we cannot receive our intuitive guidance, which is what is necessary in overcoming our ego-consciousness. The ego contains all of our limiting beliefs and must be transcended through resolution of our limitations by opening ourselves to our inner knowing. Each of us has a connection with universal consciousness through our intuition. It is always present for us, but we must learn to recognize it. It is our anchor to the truth of our Being.

Intuition is what we truly know, apart from anything we have been taught or that others have told us. Our consciousness is part of the consciousness that encompasses and pervades everything, but we are aware of only as much as we believe. Our potential is unlimited, once we open ourselves and are receptive to realizing our truth. We experience situations at the level of the energetics at which we vibrate. When we vibrate at the level of gratitude, love and compassion, we are beyond the reach of negative energy and parasites. We can recognize our eternal presence of awareness that cannot be threatened.

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