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Our Process of Spiritual Growth

In the face of attacks on many levels from governments around the world upon their people, we can surmise that a showdown is coming. In contrast, our entire galaxy is becoming brighter and more positive. Our enveloping energies are drawing us toward more love and compassion. The light is strengthening, and the dark is moving into another, more-negative dimension. As everything that is negative and dark is being brought into the light, negativity is losing its place in our galaxy. Because much is coming into the light, the observer may think that everything is getting worse, but the natural energies are flowing toward more positive vibrations, and we can make great progress in that direction.

By being higher versions of ourselves, we can be elevating the energies of humanity and making everything more difficult for negativity. By withdrawing our life force from the psychopaths, we are opening to the light within and around us. As we become receptive to the light of our intuition, we are guided wisely in allowing the negative to disappear from our lives. Our natural tendency now is to become enlightened. Everyone who is repairable will drift this way. Along the way we’ll have some jolts that will quicken the process of becoming completely positive.

Being only positive is clarifying us, so that we can be aware of our deepest, darkest secrets and fears. Then we can resolve them with acceptance, forgiveness for ourselves, gratitude and love for the experience. We can release all of the energies that we created while learning how to be and live. We didn’t know there is more to living than the experience itself. We didn’t know that we’re unlimited and are free to create any energy patterns that we want with our mental and emotional abilities.

Once we gather our abilities and begin to realize our true Self, in our infinite awareness, we can realize our invincibility in eternal being. Fear has none of our life force and disappears. By following our intuitive knowing, we can become completely love-centered and filled with gratitude, joy and compassion. We become able to trust ourselves implicitly, freeing our creative ability to manifest our heart’s desires. We can live in a dimension in which negativity cannot exist, and we cannot be threatened. We can experience only goodness and mercy always in the consciousness of the Creator.

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