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Our Portal at Intersecting Dimensions

When there is an intersection of the standing-wave-energetic patterns of one dimension with another, we can choose to recognize and pay attention to the one we love the most. This energetic conjunction is a portal between dimensions and densities of energies. Each density has a diverse, but limited range of reality. We have lived in the world of time and space, and we can access a portal beyond time and space. We can be aware of both dimensions of reality. The one we have been unaware of is unipolar or only positive. Its energetic structure is based on continuing creation and enhancement of all life. It is beyond ego-consciousness, which is based on duality of positive and negative.

Within the portal that we are experiencing now, there is much chaotic energy. Where the wave patterns of parallel realities intersect and run parallel for a while, there is destabilization of everything, until we choose the one that we pay attention to and align with. If we want to live in a world of love and joy in great intensity, we embrace positivity in every way. In alignment with our inner knowing, we can be fearless and Self-determined. Our awareness expands into brilliance everywhere in beauty with compassionate and loving relationships.

By resolving and releasing our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can transcend into a dimension beyond time and space. We can participate in the world of time and space, while also being aware of the most life-enhancing thoughts and feelings about ourselves and others. We can imagine the light of love in ourselves and others. This is how we become aligned with its energetics and are able to recognize its reality in another dimension that is destabilizing the dimension we have lived in.

These are all part of the game of conscious expansion that we are involved in. Making the shift within the current energetic portal means being open to understanding how to live very differently. We can choose to be always grateful for everything, because we have created it in our own consciousness, and it has manifested for us. Once we realize what we’re doing, we no longer have personal drama or anxiety of any kind. Even now, life flows effortlessly, as much as we allow ourselves to realize.

At some point we’re ready to release all fear and doubt. Our ego-consciousness becomes a willing participant in alignment with our inner knowing. To the extent that we are able to release our limitations, we open our realization to infinite awareness. Beyond time and space, we are our eternal presence of awareness with unlimited creative power in every dimension of consciousness. We are fractals of our Creator, sharing the same infinite consciousness and able to choose the dimension we want to experience.

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