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Our Place Among Celestial Beings

What do the stars hold for us? Each of them has a person-hood, just like our Sun and Gaia. The moon is artificial and has no consciousness beyond its structure, but because of its gravitational and magnetic pull, it influences everything liquid in us, including our emotions. We can get to know the stars and planets as expressive, living beings, just like us, but without ego limitations. The various astrological systems have given us rudimentary descriptions of the character of our Sun and each of the planets in our Solar system, but the character of the stars is largely unknown, although some indigenous people know the nature of their home star systems. All of these celestial beings, with their unique energies, influence everyone, and we interact with them in various ways.

Stars are the most powerfully radiant beings in our dimension. They provide warmth and can fill us with joy. Our planets are less evolved, but because of their personal magnitude, they are still powerful influences on us. Due to the way divine geometry works, there are critical angles of their location relative to us that cause more benign or challenging aspects for us in the ways that their energies come to us. All of these celestial beings are stimulating us to evolve in greater ways in expanding our consciousness.

We live in an expanding universe, and the natural energy expresses greater creation and enhancement of all life. As our Sun has evolved from yellow to white, he is brightening our lives with greater warmth and expansiveness. The entire cosmos is experiencing rising vibrations and is carrying us along with it. Our mother Gaia is growing more resplendent and is regenerating in many ways, as we have begun to become more aware of her needs and abilities.

As we immerse ourselves in the energies of nature and all of her life forms, we can expand our awareness in alignment with the rising vibrations of the Earth. We need to pay attention to all of the challenges that Gaia is giving us, because she is clearing herself of negative energy. There has been much evil manipulation of the weather, unusual floods, gigantic fires and even earthquakes, but the manipulators no longer have access to these technologies. It is all ending, and they are leaving the planet.

It is time for us to celebrate the rise of love and joy in all of life and align ourselves with these energies in all aspects of our lives and in all our encounters and relationships, beginning with our own being. We have been disguising ourselves as humans, when in fact we are great celestial beings ourselves with unlimited potential creativity and infinite awareness. Only our limiting beliefs keep us from realizing our true nature. We are now free to open ourselves to our potential and shine like the stars.

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