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Our Personal Hero’s Journey

Opening our awareness to the expansiveness of the radiance of the heart of our Being, allows us to participate knowingly in universal consciousness. This is unlimited awareness, which our ego-consciousness is incapable of. To access it, we must intentionally raise our positive vibrations as high as we can. In every moment, this is a personal choice. If we can open our awareness to the full spectrum of our heart’s energies, which we can sense intuitively, and we can align with them, we transform our lives.

As we vibrate higher in positive frequencies, we attract the same level of energies. We radiate the polarity and vibratory level of our thoughts and emotions into the quantum field, which responds by returning the same level of energetic patterns back to us as our personal experiences. If we can stay in the perspective of love and compassion, while also being emotionally and mentally clear, we experience magic and fulfillment. Our inner experiences can transcend time and space with an expanded awareness of reality.

Our limited view of ourselves disappears, because it becomes unbelievable. We can be present in our awareness throughout the cosmos and can create anything anywhere by knowing how to work with energy and being able to completely control our thoughts and emotions. We can live far beyond and including our body and ego-consciousness. When we are without limitations, our ego-consciousness dissolves. We are our present awareness, unfettered and free in every way.

By developing deep awareness of intuitive guidance, we can always know how to deal with any energies that we encounter. To be able to stay in positivity, we can maintain a perspective of gratitude, love and compassion. If we deviate from this, we discover our personal limitations that we can recognize, resolve and release, giving ourselves greater freedom. As we become more intuitive and align ourselves with its vibrations, we elevate our lives. We can learn to be completely Self-sufficient in every way, experiencing all of our heart’s desires. By the high level of our vibrations, all of our actions and interactions can have the energy of life-enhancement for all conscious beings.

In our essence, we are pure Self-Conscious awareness of our presence of being, unlimited in every way and having infinite creative ability. To become aware of our true Self, is the goal of the inward path. Each of us can accomplish this with strong intention. It is our own hero’s journey to the higher dimension of being.

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