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Our Participation in Universal Consciousness

If we can imagine the idea of universal consciousness, we may wonder what it feels like. It is something that becomes known for us as we are able to align with its vibratory presence. Every part of it contributes to the enhancement of the whole and all aspects of everything. The anomaly is the dark force. Negativity does not exist in universal consciousness, but it exists in human experience, because we provide its reality for us by imagining it, recognizing it and realizing what it is. When we change our realization, negativity no longer exists in our experience.

Making something real is what we do as fractals of universal consciousness. If we are attracted to negativity, we create its presence in our awareness. This happens most powerfully in our subconscious self, which we can be aware of and communicate with consciously. This kind of communication happens as subtle feelings from deep within us, which we send and receive. We cannot make them go away, but we can block them from our awareness by turning our attention to the control of our ego-consciousness. This aspect of ourselves consists of all of our limiting beliefs about ourselves, and it is our presence in the human world. It does not know about higher guidance.

In order to open our realization beyond our fixation to the material world, we must be willing to transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves. This involves a complete transformation of our lives. Our desires change to the life-enhancing desires of our heart. Our needs disappear, because they are naturally fulfilled as they arise. In every moment we can do what we know in our heart we are guided to do to create the most love and beauty within and all around.

Being aware of universal consciousness can happen when we are completely aligned with our heart-consciousness. This is how we can open ourselves to the most wonderful, life-enhancing experiences. When we can feel and realize the energy of the heart of our Being, we feel grateful and ecstatic. It feels so wonderful! By being aware consciously of these vibrations as the essence of our true Self, we can realize our infinite presence of awareness arising within universal consciousness.

Guided by our heart-consciousness, we can live in the awareness of our essence merging with the essence of everyone and everything in the same Being, within whose consciousness we all live. In this perspective we are telepathic, empathic, telekinetic and every unlimited form of communication and knowing. This all happens when we open ourselves to participation in universal consciousness.

The 4th volume of Quantum Energetics and Spirituality has now been published and is available at the links on the book page of this website.

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