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Our Journey to Infinity

There are many paths on the journey to know our true Self beyond time and space. All paths offer guidance toward opening to the realization of Creator Consciousness. We are being drawn toward expanding our awareness beyond our human experience to a realm of only positive energetics and experiences. Each of us has our own way of opening ourselves to higher consciousness, and our intuitive knowing can guide us along the way. When we are conscious of our higher intentions, we become aware of guidance everywhere. People and situations speak to us on an energetic level, guiding us away from the negative and drawing us into joy and gratitude, when we are open and receptive.

We are always in alignment with some aspects of the universe. We need to realize what those aspects are and how to change our alignment, if we want to. As humans, we do not know what is possible for us. We can only adjust our vibrations to what feels best. When we realize the vibratory levels of what feels best, we can intentionally call these into our awareness.

We are all actors in the play of human life, but most of us have yet to realize that we’re playing a role, and that we can create better and more expansive parts for ourselves with our visions and heart-felt intentions. As we intend to be joyful and kind in every encounter, we can enlighten ourselves to greater awareness of our abilities, and we can begin to trust ourselves to be true to the enhancement of life all around us.

As we become aware of the power of our creative abilities, we no longer need our attachment to limiting beliefs about ourselves. With the energetic level of our thoughts and emotions, we can create the quality of life that we feel most attracted to, by establishing a positive vibratory resonance as our state of being. This is the energetic radiance that we send into the quantum field for manifestation into our experience.

By increasing our ability to maintain a joyous and grateful state of being, we attract experiences that complement our energetics. When we go into doubt or fear, we can find out what kind of limitation we are attached to, and then decide if we want to keep it or resolve it by clearing our attachment. At our own time, and in in our own way, we are on the journey to infinite awareness.

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