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Our Inward Journey to Infinity

At some point in our journey inward we realize that we can be however we want. When we can clear our mind and feelings and just be present in awareness, we can transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves. Our awareness has no limits beyond our beliefs. Every moment offers us a choice of what kind of vibrations we decide to pay attention to and align with. While we are just being our present awareness, even in challenging situations, we can realize that we have an inner knowing and feeling about everything in a way that is compassionate and wise.

When we align with the energy of our heart-consciousness, we can experience everything we truly love and desire. We just have to be in mental and emotional alignment with the Source of our conscious life force and our identity. We are all the same Being in universal consciousness, and each of us is a unique expression of Creator essence, having awareness throughout the consciousness of the Creator of all. We have the ability to create expressions of ourselves, fractals of our Source, and extensions of our essence.

In multiple energetic dimensions, which are bands of frequency and polarity, we are expressing ourselves as individual beings, one of which is our physical human presence. Our physical presence is the conscious expression of our energy signature, as felt in our subconscious self. By learning to elevate our attention to positive, high-vibratory thoughts and feelings, we can become aware of our heart-consciousness and the understanding and feeling of unconditional love and joy. These naturally arise in our awareness when we summon them in a state of clarity, openness and receptivity.

Because we are fractal creations of our Source Consciousness, we are energy modulators through the qualities of our attention and emotional alignment, limited by our beliefs about ourselves. In every moment we have free choice about what we focus on and how we feel about it. By having deep desires for how we want to be, we are invited to realize the fulfillment of those desires. Since we live in a universe of energetic balance, our needs and desires must have their fulfillment to maintain energetic balance. We have the choice of being oblivious to it or realizing our fulfillment.

We live in a time of change in magnetic polarity. Even the Earth and the Sun are changing polarity. As humans learn to pay attention to scenarios that we want, we allow negativity to disappear into its non-existent essence. A shift in solar and planetary polarity would also shift human polarity. We have the choice to make the leap in conscious awareness beyond dualistic polarity into infinite presence of awareness.

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