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Our Intuitive Expansion

Our intuition comes to us through our connection to universal consciousness. Once we realize that we are aligned with its guidance, we can have absolute confidence in it. It is the source of our true knowing beyond our ego-consciousness. Once we are aligned with our intuition, we no longer need the ego. We can expand our personal awareness beyond duality and enslavement to our limitations. In love and compassion, we can cooperate with our innate subconscious aspect of ourselves to transcend the boundaries in our conscious awareness and to align with our intuition. When we are open and receptive to it, we can keep expanding our awareness throughout the quantum field. We can also expand our confidence in our creative abilities. When we know the truth of our Being, we can be masters of every personal experience in every dimension. This is part of the current ascension process that we are going through with our planet.

All conscious beings are being attracted to positive polarity of mental and emotional energetics. We are moving beyond duality into unity consciousness. This is our awareness of the connection of all beings to universal consciousness. We all have the same consciousness, but with limitations that we place upon our receptivity and awareness. These are all self-imposed. Once we know that we are the masters of ourselves, we can take charge of all of our aspects and processes for the highest good. We can regenerate all aspects of ourselves in complete clarity of being.

As we practice being sensitive and open to our intuition and following its guidance, we find that we are not present for negative encounters. Our lives become experiences of the compassion and joy stimulated by our alignment with our intuition. We can be always positive in gratitude and confidence, regardless of any distracting energies. We are being guided to realize a world of experiences based on love and joy. There is no requirement that we participate in a compartment of consciousness based in duality, other than our own choice. We chose to be here now, and we can be with the expanded awareness of our true Being.

Our ascension begins with our desire and intention. It proceeds into sensitivity and receptivity to our intuition. When we are confident in our intuitive feeling and knowing, we can always feel joyful and free. We can confidently imagine and feel that we are enjoying abundant lives and inspiring everyone we encounter with our radiance. Through the gaze of our eyes, we can share our inner light and transformative state of being.

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