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Our Higher-Dimensional Essence

We are entering an era of knowing, an era of fulfillment in every way. Arising from the consciousness of our heart, we are being attracted to intuitive knowing beyond our thinking and ego-consciousness. It is our heart-felt essence of being, and it is the same presence of awareness as every conscious being. We, however, have been trained to believe that we don’t have this kind of reality. Ours has been dualistically polarized in the empirical spectrum of energetics.

Ego-consciousness does not know where our consciousness arises from or even how we know what we are. These things can be known intuitively, and this knowing is beyond time/space. When we resolve our belief in personal limitations, we realize that we are part of infinite awareness of Being with the ability to create experiences of whatever we desire with our mental and emotional expressions. In fact, that is what we’re doing right now, whether we realize it or not. This is an ability that is beyond realization. It is our essence. It is what awareness and realization come from. Our essence is the essence of creation.

Because we have not known or have not been open to knowing or desiring to know these things, we have been creating our experiences randomly, without the higher guidance that is present within. Our minds and emotions have been reacting to qualities of experiences, and in the process, creating more of the same vibratory quality.

The realm of duality, which every human participates in, is a realm created by human consciousness in telepathic unity. Without our recognition and energetic alignment, we could not participate in it, and it could not exist for us. With our realization, which we can direct, we can change human experience. Using our powers of visualization and emotional projection, we can change the vibrations in our own state of being and project our energetics into the quantum field of consciousness that envelops us for manifestation into our experiences and the experiences of our race.

By becoming more aligned with the energies in the heart of our Being, we can relax into a life of love and joy. We can always know everything relevant about every situation we’re involved in, and we can participate with compassion and life-enhancement, creating joy everywhere in our presence. We are evolving into complete fulfillment of our lives and awareness of our infinite potential.

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