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Our Creative Presence

When we contemplate the idea that we are the creators of our life experiences, we may recognize that this is more than a mental process. Our entire being is creative to the extent that it contributes to our state of being. How we feel about ourselves is also a state of knowing. If we realize that we have defects here and there in our bodies and personalities and subconscious drives, we can also realize that our creative process has a complex shield of limitations that we have to resolve, if we want to be clear in our consciousness.

When we are clear, we can create what we desire without constraints. We can be fearless and at ease. We can fully confront any energetic patterns that appear in every moment. There are destined experiences that we cannot control. We can, however, control our reactions to them, through our awareness of the quality of their polarity and vibrations. We can be aware of these things quickly in every situation. If we choose or are required to engage with the energies that are brought to us, we can enhance them or diminish them with our thoughts and feelings, or we can just observe. Every experience has an energetic quality, and we may either align with its vibratory resonance or transform any negative into positive. If this cannot be accomplished, we can dissolve it from our experience by transferring our attention to a positive level of compassion and love.

How we think and feel about ourselves, consciously and subconsciously, determines our state of being. This is our energetic signature that we radiate out into the quantum field that envelops us. Here we repel and attract energetic patterns that disappear or manifest into our personal experience. We have electrical and magnetic polarity in our thoughts and emotions. Humans mostly have a dualistic polarity of both negative and positive, but primarily we are negative, because we are fearful at some level.

To be clear, we need to know that we are immortal. Our present awareness is always with us. Many people who have died and come back confirm that our awareness expands greatly beyond the body and is always present. Deep meditation in whatever form works for us can help us to transcend our physical limitations. Slow, deep, rhythmic breathing also calms the mind and allows for transcendence.

Being quiet and aware in nature helps us align with the resonance of the Spirit of the Earth. This is a positive resonance of unconditional love in the enhancement of all life. As we become more sensitive and receptive to the energies of nature, our awareness can open to the realm of nature spirits and other beings living in resonance with Gaia. We can use our creative presence to help all of the beings in nature to enjoy greater love and joy.

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