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Opening to the Expansiveness of Our Heart

To move beyond the restrictions we have placed on ourselves, we can pay attention to the expansiveness of the energy of our heart. Unless we abuse it, our heart never runs out of energy. With as much enthusiasm as we need for great fulfillment, our heart constantly fills us with life force. Its loving quality of conscious life force flows to us as freely as we allow, within the limitations of our beliefs about ourselves and the toxins we have embodied. Our reception is based on the quality of energy that we have entertained and aligned with, while not realizing that our consciousness is vastly magnanimous.

There is great value to paying attention to the conscious energy of our heart. Once we recognize it, it calms our anxieties and everything that irritates and angers us. Our heart vibrates with positive energy that is life-enhancing, and it exudes a conscious knowing that is more potent than our ego mind can imagine, yet it is subtle and unobtrusive in our awareness. It requires our clear attention in every moment, and it works through our feelings and our awareness. There is no thought, only knowing and realization. Thought then becomes the servant of our knowing.

When we live in the consciousness of our heart, we cannot be fooled by lies and other dissimulation. In our current embodiment, we are surrounded by falsehood and threats to our well-being. These are all negative energy patterns that we can recognize and transform in our personal lives, by maintaining our heart-centered focus. Because we are multidimensional beings, we can expect to live in a realm of miracles and wonders. Our ego-consciousness cannot imagine this, and it will discourage us. When we imagine that the threats to our well-being are overwhelming, our ego-consciousness will attempt to get us to align with the negative energy in order to resist it or to succumb to it with anger, depression, fatigue and loneliness.

Whatever our condition may be, the energy of our heart does not change. It continues to provide us with conscious life-enhancing energy that can inspire us in every situation. It is our connection with divine consciousness and is our eternal guide in the form of our intuition. Unlimited by time and space, our intuitive knowing transcends the boundaries of our limiting beliefs. Everything becomes possible for us, because we are unlimited in our true Being. We only need to be willing to search within and to realize the personal truth of who we are. By constantly aligning in absolute confidence with the energy of unconditional love and joy, we can live in a higher energetic dimension and realize our expanding presence of awareness and mastery of life.

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