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Opening to Our Transcendence

When we focus on our transcendence, and we hold our attention on just being present in awareness, our brain waves change into resonance with our heart-consciousness. We can feel the Source of our being in the infinite love and compassion of our heart, and we can open our awareness to a higher realm of energetic expression. It is a realm of greater passion and vitality. Here everyone is supportive of everyone in all of the diversity that we choose for self-expression.

As we realize our transcendent self-determination, we may become more consciously-directed in our thoughts and feelings, knowing that they are constantly creating the quality of our lives. Imbuing our conscious life-stream with our personal limitations, our subconscious pays attention to our vibratory expressions and receives the full feeling of our state of being. With practice, our present attention transforms our old subconscious programs of self-limitation.

When we are in the state of just being present in awareness, we can understand our situation without personal desire or need. Our reception and acceptance of love and compassion enhance our energetic signature, resulting in more love and joy in our experiences. With fewer limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can expand our awareness within universal consciousness. As our conscious awareness expands, we can align more closely with our intuition for continuous guidance. We can have an inner conversation with ourselves, learning to be aware of our heart-consciousness and knowing its feelings, which are immediate in every moment.

Following our inner guidance makes life easy and eliminates inner conflict and unnecessary drama, allowing us to be more intentionally creative with confidence in our abilities. Being present in a state of gratitude, we can know greater joy in all aspects of life. We can learn to confront every encounter creatively, rather than reactively. Every eventuality is always present, and we can choose any quality that we desire.

Being present in transcendence, we do not experience negativity. Even though it may be around us, it is in the realm of duality, a different energetic bandwidth from heart-consciousness. In a state of personal transcendence, all thought arises from intuitive knowing. Everything becomes an expression of life-enhancement, and we can realize our unlimited creative ability and our expanding presence of awareness. We can change dimensions in our awareness, and eventually we can take our physical bodies with us in the realization of our essence beyond time/space. This is an individual path for us on the way to realizing our infinite Self.

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