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Opening to Our Intuition

Once we decide to open ourselves to our intuitive knowing, we face the great challenge of transcending our ego consciousness, which we have identified with for our entire lives. Whenever we are criticized or belittled by others, we feel ashamed and weak. When we are praised and rewarded, we feel proud and strong. In reality, these feelings are part of our ego, not our true Self. Intuition comes from our higher consciousness and is always in the background of our awareness.

In great love and compassion, intuitive knowing comes from a Source beyond time and space that knows us intimately and wants the best for us always. With a feeling of expansiveness and calm serenity, it can be accompanied by miracles when needed. When we are open to it and learn to depend upon it, our intuition cannot be defeated by circumstances. It provides the experiences that we most need and deeply want to fulfill our life plan.

In the world of ego-consciousness, intuitive knowing is not believable, because it has no basis in empirical reality, which is the only vibratory level on which the ego operates. As long as we believe that we are finite beings, separate from everyone else and from our Creator, we cannot accept our intuitive knowing, which comes from our infinite unity with all conscious beings within universal consciousness. Our ego-consciousness keeps us limited, because this is what we need to experience the complete spectrum of human experience.

It is only when we are ready to ascend back into our unlimited, infinite Self, that we decide to transcend the ego. We can begin this process by praying within ourselves and asking for our inner guidance in every situation. We can imagine and feel being divinely inspired to embody the positive, high-frequency vibrations of love, gratitude and joy as much as possible. As we open our awareness to these feelings, we begin to know how to be in every situation.

If we continue to imagine that we are each an aspect of the divine One, we can feel our connections with one another and other beings in ways that support and enhance all of life. We all share the same Being in our own unique ways, and we all contribute to the expressions of the One in universal consciousness. As we practice our inner alignment with the divine, our knowing becomes unlimited wherever we choose to focus our attention, and our lives become expressions of love, abundance and freedom, regardless of what may be happening in the world around us.

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