Opening to More Creative Lives

We have learned to value material reality above almost everything else. Because of this, we have given up our physical and emotional well-being in order to survive by working at unsatisfying jobs. If we want to understand life from our deeper reality, we can begin to sensitize ourselves to the vibrations that stimulate us to feel really good. These are the vibrations of gratitude, joy, beauty, love and sovereignty. We can align our entire lives in resonance with our preferred vibrations, but where does that leave us in our material world?

Because we are the creators of the qualities of our lives, we can know that every circumstance in our experience comes into alignment with our own energetics. If we have doubt about our creative ability, it makes no difference. Our abilities do not disappear, but doubt about anything is negative and interferes with the positive vibratory patterns that we want to create. We cannot be both positive and negative at the same time. We have to be one or the other, and in every moment it is our choice. If we don’t make an intentional choice, our subconscious makes it for us, and we live with the results.

For all of our lives we’ve trained ourselves to accept negativity, and our subconscious is filled with it. Now we must train ourselves to transform its energies. If we want some assistance in being positive, it can be helpful to absorb the energies of beautiful places in nature. We do need to go barefoot on the Earth to ground our energies and avoid energetic inflammation. It is helpful to open our awareness to the angelic beings of the natural elements and begin to work harmoniously with them and with the Spirit of the Earth.

Nature is filled with conscious beings, who have their own energetic presence, and they are also emotionally responsive to us. When we are open to their energetic presence, we can feel their expressions, and they also feel our intentions and expressions. When they find that we are open to them and desire to align with their vibrations, they are happy to cooperate with us and even make adjustments for us in the weather and other aspects of nature upon our heart-felt imaginative envisioning and feeling our participation in these visions.

If we choose to align with higher vibrations, we can search for our intuitive guidance, which we can find as our inner knowing. We can be aware of intuitive promptings and can follow them through every scenario in our lives. This guidance enables us to live successfully in fulfillment of our life’s purpose in ways that are fulfilling in every way.

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