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Opening to Higher Guidance

Everything that holds us enthralled in duality is within our own consciousness. All of our beliefs about reality hold it in place for us as empirical experience. The same thing happens with our beliefs about ourselves. Anything negative is a human construct, created by us. We are not required to recognize and engage with negative energy. By allowing it to be, while being at a level of vibration of gratitude, appreciation and compassion, we do not engage with negative-polarity energies. By withdrawing our alignment, we deprive them of our life force and our creative energy. We also raise the vibrations of humanity, which we share in consciousness.

Our entire experience is a reflection of our own energy, primarily our polarity. If we are mostly negative, we experience mostly situations that stimulate discomfort and feelings of lack and diminishment. If we are mostly positive, we experience mostly situations that stimulate gratitude and joy. How much, depends on our own openness. There is no limit beyond our own willingness. The deeper we go, the closer we come to our presence of awareness beyond time and space.

We all have the ability to live in divine love and joy in the enhancement of life. It requires being positive in alignment with the energy of our heart. All of our experiences begin with our own vibration, our state of being, which determines the quality of our experience, the polarity and vibratory level. By being open and aware in every present moment, we can be expansive and receptive in our thoughts and feelings. Great inspiration is waiting for us to be open to it.

In the patterns of energy that envelop us, everything we could desire already exists. If we want to experience it, we need to recognize it as real. Knowing what is naturally real is conveyed to us intuitively, when we are present in awareness. We can transcend our limiting beliefs through our intuitive guidance. In order to live as successfully as we could without higher guidance, we developed limiting beliefs, which we no longer need. We can now transcend ego consciousness and open ourselves to universal consciousness through our intuition and the clearing of our pineal gland.

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