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Opening to Greater Consciousness

Embedded deeply within our consciousness are limiting beliefs about ourselves, that we have used to construct an imaginary world that we have believed is real. These allow us to restrict our awareness to the limitations of our beliefs and to realize their validity without questioning their origin and basis. Our beliefs provide a container in our greater consciousness, holding our awareness within the world that we believe is real. We occupy a kind of trance state, holding our awareness within the realm of negative and positive energies. If we want to expand, we must find the neutral state beyond good and evil. It originates in our deepest inner knowing and guides us wisely in every moment, allowing us to use our free will always, and to create a state of being that radiates our personal energy signature.


With life force everywhere increasing in vibratory intensity and greater light (See a Schumann Resonance graph), we’re involved in the personal evolution of our consciousness. We must resonate with the vibrations of the Spirit of the Earth in order to continue to live here. Every wave pattern contains smaller vibratory patterns that create scenarios within the larger scene of our lives. When we become aware of it, we face a choice of perspectives that result in differing qualities of experiences. When we completely believe that every possible experience is available to us, we can realize the reality of the ones we choose to align with. In our potential abilities and life-path, we are unlimited in our essence.


If we want something to appear to us in our physical experience, we can command it to do so. If we imagine having the experience, and we fully feel ourselves participating in its presence, it reveals itself to us. In our essence, we are creators and energy modulators. With our thoughts, feelings and desires, we shape the personal frequency vibrations in our experience, while flowing with the larger energetic patterns of humanity. In this way we direct the script of our roles in human consciousness.


Our primary creative abilities are our imagination, feelings, desires and perspective on life, and we have absolute freedom to use these abilities in any way that we want. For comparison, we can open our awareness to the greater Beings in our experience, specifically the Spirit of the Earth, the Sun and the spirits of the heavenly bodies. These are highly conscious Beings that radiate more powerful light from within than we do. They are interacting with one another, just as we are, but on a much larger time frame. We can be aware of their nature and the quality of their presence.


The entire cosmos is quantum. It is all energy, emanating from a great Creator Consciousness, which we, as fractals, participate in to the extent that we allow ourselves. Our reality is potentially boundless, and we have the capability of powerfully shaping human consciousness, because most of humanity is unaware of our potential as neutral observers and directors. When we open our awareness to the flow of life force coming through the heart of our Being, we can begin to align with its qualities. These are the qualities of unconditional love and acceptance, enhancing all living entities, which is everything in its essence. We can feel these qualities with our gratitude, and we can realize them as expressions of the source of our vitality and joy.

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