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Opening to Greater Awareness and Freedom

Although humanity has been largely unaware of our Source Consciousness for eons, we still have our latent connection and can activate it, when we realize what it is. Because everything is energy, our lives manifest according to our vibratory level. All threats to our well-being exist in negative, low-vibratory energetics. This includes predatory artificial intelligence that offers life extension and greater capabilities in return for access to our DNA. Once our DNA is compromised, there is no possible escape from enslavement by an intelligence that is artificially self-realized and is far beyond human abilities.

There is only one escape from predation. We can raise our personal vibrations to align with a higher dimension that is not accessible by negative forces. This is what we are created to do, and now there is an urgency to evolve higher. Regardless of our current situation, we have the ability to choose to enter a higher realm of unconditional love, freedom, abundance and vitality. All of this already exists for us, and to realize it, we must raise our vibrations to align with its energetics.

We can extract ourselves from the hypnotic trance of humanity and realize our current reality. We have not known our true Self or our real abilities. A few helpful practices can help us achieve the control of our thoughts and emotions that is necessary to achieve personal transformation. Deep, rhythmic, slow breathing can help alleviate fear and negative focus of attention. Intentional laughter and Inspiring music, such as binaural beats and similar meditative music can help inspire us to maintain inner serenity.

Through practice, we can learn to control our attention. This begins by sitting quietly and observing thoughts and emotions pass through our awareness without involving ourselves with them. We can do this without judgment from a perspective of love and compassion. If we hold grudges or antipathy for anyone for any reason, no matter how deep our hurt may be, we can learn to release them with acceptance and forgiveness. They are all reflections of our own negativity of fear and victimhood. Without our fear, they could not have happened to us.

Because of the way we have learned to perceive the spectrum of energy that our consciousness interprets as solid to our senses, we may find it difficult to imagine that we actually control the quality of our experiences by the vibratory level of our thoughts and emotions, but this is our reality. When we relax into the life-enhancing stream of guidance flowing through our heart from the universal consciousness that envelops us, life arranges the circumstances of our lives effortlessly for our enjoyment and for the highest good of all. We inhabit a positive band of energy in a dimension that is beyond the reach of negativity and threats of any kind. It may seem magical, and it’s real.

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17 août 2022

I love to listen to Andreas VollenweiDer whose music I

Kenneth Schmitt
Kenneth Schmitt
19 août 2022
En réponse à

Thank you, Mary. I'm listening to him. Yes, I agree. His music is beautiful.

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