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Opening To Expanded Awareness

An enlightened being is observant of the kind of awareness that creates our expressions. Paying attention triggers our creative imagination and emotions. Thoughts, words and deeds all have vibratory patterns in our consciousness. They stimulate us and receive our creative recognition. With all of these things being expressions of our conscious and subconscious minds, we can train our subconscious to align with us in awareness of heart-consciousness. In alignment with our entire conscious Self, we can be intentionally and completely present in our creative awareness. Our attention in this state can create personal transcendence, while we release the belief in our conscious limitations, opening our subconscious to our awareness.

When we are aware of our limiting beliefs and can identify them, we can resolve them by aligning our imagination and feelings with heart-consciousness. This energy is the source of our vitality and essence. It is always present awaiting our awareness.

Being able to observe our mental and emotional processes is a way of learning how we create our lives. We can be aware of how positive or negative we are, and we can choose to direct our imagination and emotions toward the life-enhancing energy of heart-consciousness. We know how energies feel, and we know how to align with the ones we want to experience.

It is possible to change every aspect of our lives, and we are being invited to do this in alignment with our heart-consciousness. There are many qualifying decisions that we must make. We can learn to trust ourselves implicitly as we release negativity from our vibratory spectrum. We can become intentionally supportive of the renewal and enhancement of all life. In this state of Being, we can become aware of the expansiveness of our intuitive knowing. Once we realize the truth of our inner knowing, we have constant higher guidance to fulfill the desires of our heart in gratitude and joy.

We can be aware of all the chaos and fear in the human experience and give it no engagement, only compassion and love for all who are still entranced in the realm of duality. In following the guidance that we realize within the heart of our Being, we can live with all of our personal needs and desires fulfilled, while we provide creative energetic support for all. As our awareness opens beyond ego-consciousness, the realm of Creator Consciousness opens to us in its fullness.

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