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Opening to a World beyond Good and Evil

Updated: Mar 10

Expanding consciousness requires a strong desire on our part to participate in greater awareness, freedom, abundance and love. It needs our constant attention to the vibrations of our heart. Not the physical vibrations, but the feelings of vibrancy and unconditional acceptance of every moment. It is a completely different world from the life-diminishing world of ego-consciousness in fear and negativity.


Unless we have this strong desire to know our essence, we are unaware of the truth of our Being. Ego-consciousness must be transcended. To create the opening of awareness, we must align our vibrations with our heart-consciousness. If our awareness is in the world of fear and limitation, we cannot create an opening into the world of compassion, gratitude, love and joy.  


Once we decide to live in awareness of unconditional vitality and love everywhere and in everyone, we transform ourselves into living is a world of vibrations that support and enliven life everywhere. An ego-consciousness that is in fear cannot participate in these energetic patterns and, thus, has no awareness of them.


Negativity exists in our experience only by our energetic alignment with it. We make it real for ourselves by our attention and realization. We know that the constituents of our physical reality are truly without substance. They are swirling patterns of electromagnetic energy within a spectrum that we can recognize. This recognition happens when we align our vibratory signature with the human spectrum of awareness.


When we desire and imagine ourselves living in a world of life-enhancing energies, we feel them and attract those energetic patterns into our awareness. By realizing their reality, we open ourselves to an energetic alignment with them. This becomes our world of experience. To ego-consciousness, it appears as if miracles are happening. We can open our awareness to the vitality of everything around us and of every cell in our bodies and all of our constituent, conscious, sub-atomic beings. We live in the physical embrace of trillions of conscious beings. All of them are aligned with our energetic signature.


With our awareness of the inner light of conscious life, we can bless everything and everyone with our recognition of their essence beyond spacetime. We are all different aspects of the same essence of infinite consciousness. Playing a game of physicality, we have been deeply entranced, If we examine the energetic basis of our physical reality of good and evil, we find that it’s all patterns of energy that we imagine and align with. This alignment allows us to be aware of it and feel its vibrations, and so we live with it, until we decide to open our awareness to a different spectrum of energetics, the subtle vibrations of our heart and the energetic realm of infinite creativity.

We are free to choose to recognize any energetic spectrum that we can imagine and desire to experience. Through our energetic alignment and realization of its presence, we bring it into our experience. Because we are fractals of universal consciousness, our creative ability is as limitless as we can open our awareness to. Our unseen guides and angels can prompt us to become aware of a world of heart-conscious energies that invigorate, rejuvenate and enhance all conscious beings and all aspects of our lives in alignment with the consciousness of the Creator.

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