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Opening to a Greater Reality

For each of us, reality consists of telepathic communication among all of us. Our awareness is defined by our beliefs, and each of us has our own way of realizing our world of shared vibratory frequencies. How we feel about ourselves is what we believe is real. The frequency, polarity and amplitude of our beliefs create our energetic signature. This spectrum of electromagnetic vibrations becomes the quality of our experiences. We experience scenarios that share our kind of energy, and we recognize the sense impressions that we become aware of. We select an energetic spectrum that defines our role in the human drama, which we are free to change according to our realization and preferences.


In our essence, we are non-localized awareness without limits, and we are infinitely powerful creators, fractals of the infinite consciousness that constantly creates everything. When we learn to open our awareness beyond the material world, we invite into our consciousness a greater reality that is also present here, and everything is within our shared consciousness. Our incarnational limitations are soft in our essence, allowing our world to vibrate in many octaves beyond and including the empirical.


We’re being invited to be aware of the life force enveloping us, and to open our awareness of it, to feel its presence. This is our connection with universal consciousness, and it includes our conscience. It vibrates with unconditional acceptance and love, which we are aware of, if we open ourselves to it. It is in a frequency band beyond the physical, and it feels great! If we choose it to be, this is our natural state of being.  How we feel about ourselves is entirely our choice. When we realize that the physical world consists of swirling patterns of quantum light entities expressing themselves as electromagnetic wave patterns that our consciousness interprets as physical, we no longer need to make any judgments on anyone or any scenario. Awareness of the qualities of energy that we pay attention to enables us to seek experiences of gratitude and joy, revealed in our intuitive knowing.


Our thoughts are not ours. They exist as quantum wave patterns. We choose, intentionally or inadvertently, what we pay attention to and how we feel about it. This choice is unlimited. When we dwell on it with gratitude and love, we magnetize the presence of our choices in our lives. In this way we can rewrite our roles in the human play and gain mastery through our practiced realization of the energy that fulfills us the most. We are constantly creating our world just by the way we are, and how we feel about ourselves.


As we become aware of the true identity of our own eternal presence of awareness, currently expressing ourselves as our human persons, we can participate in every scenario of life with the guidance of infinite awareness and knowing. When we pay attention to what we love the most in each circumstance, we attract resonating energetics to manifest in our experience. Because our essence is infinitely creative as an energetic modulator, we can realize, with gratitude, experiences of the most life-enhancing qualities that we love, pervading the consciousness that we all share.

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