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Opening Ourselves to Our Deepest Being

Our entrancement in our ego-conscious experience of life has been so complete, that we have been unaware of our greater Being. If we can extract ourselves from our electronics and all of the stimulation that takes our attention away from pure presence of awareness, we can be serene and at peace within ourselves. We can leave the realm of parasites and enter the realm of true love, where we are Self-Realized and completely fulfilled. This is possible for us, because of our creative consciousness.

By being present and clear, we can direct our attention to any level of energy that we feel attracted to and feel its essence. If we seek positive vibrations and begin to feel them in our awareness, we attract them into our experience. By intending to elevate our lives and those we encounter with joy and brightness, we receive inner guidance in how to do this. This intention takes us beyond ego-consciousness into a realm of heart-felt knowing.

With the increasingly higher vibrations of the Earth and our surrounding cosmos, we are being carried energetically into a higher way of being. An enveloping photon cloud is making everything brighter. Because photons are conscious beings, they seek every possible entry to places that have remained hidden from our awareness. Darkness is being illuminated and revealed everywhere, along with those who resonate with its negativity. As we change our focus and vibrate with the life-enhancing energy of our heart, the dark force is losing its essence. It cannot exist without our support.

Physicists know that higher-frequency energies are more powerful than lower-frequency energies. Because unconditional love is the highest frequency of life, it is the most powerful. The only reason that the dark force has seemed powerful is that we have allowed ourselves to be compromised with self-limiting beliefs about ourselves that have lowered our vibrations in alignment with the negative. It uses our life force to control us. Once we realize our situation, we can resolve our limiting beliefs and free ourselves to align with the desires of our heart and participate in a more powerful and enlightened way of being.

Because we are created in the power of unconditional love, we are great Beings of Light. In our essence we are present in our awareness beyond time and space and are infinitely powerful creators with the qualities of our state of being. With our energy signature we radiate our vibrations into the quantum field for manifestation into our experience. By intentionally vibrating in the dimension of creative love and joy, we release ourselves from negative experiences and open ourselves to fulfillment in every aspect of life.

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