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Opening Ourselves to Greater Awareness

The energy of our heart-consciousness vibrates within a dimension beyond the awareness of our ego-consciousness. This is the reason our ego-mind cannot allow us to realize our true essence. The ego is an artificial entity that we have created to express aspects of ourselves that we choose to experience. In life-enhancing awareness, we can resonate with gratitude and joy. In this dimension, we can be our human presence, while living in eternal presence of awareness beyond limitations. This realm is invisible to ego-consciousness, but we can satisfy all of our ego’s fears and needs by opening ourselves to a higher vision of life that we can invite into our awareness. We can realize more light and love in our experiences.

We can find what we love the most by realizing that it is already ours, because it is. Whenever we recognize and realize that it is present in us, the energy we love comes into our experience. We can experience its energetics in every encounter of any kind. Our attentive awareness manifests its reality for us. What we love the most is the energy of our heart-consciousness. Being in resonance with its vibrations can open our awareness to a more expanded level, a higher dimension. The desires of our heart-consciousness are the thoughts and feelings that are life-enhancing in every situation. Our intuition can guide us there.

Like our awareness, our creative ability has no natural limitations. Any limitations are self-imposed and can be resolved. First we have to realize what our limiting beliefs about ourselves are. They are all negative and are based in fear and doubt. We can transform these energetics by shifting our attention to the expressions that we love, opening ourselves to an expanded awareness. In this way we can align with the light in any situation.

If we can achieve constant positivity with acute awareness of our intuitive knowing, we can live completely fulfilling lives while living as ordinary humans. In our experience we can understand everything that is occurring in our presence. This enables us to transform our energetic environment into a radiance of life-enhancing visions and emotions. When we finally realize that we are everything we could ever want, we free ourselves to align with our true essence in infinite Being.

In alignment with eternal Self-Realization, we can open our awareness to a realm of brightness and joy. Fulfillment of the desires of our heart-consciousness naturally comes to us when we recognize and realize the presence of love in our experience. At this level of attention, we are in the realm of life-enhancement.

We have the choice of paying attention to anything that we can be aware of. We choose our energetic environment with the vibratory level of our thoughts and emotions. Our attention is uniquely ours and is the essence of our creative ability. By aligning with the intuitive knowing of our heart-consciousness, we can live in gratitude, confidence, compassion and love. While maintaining these qualities of being, we can open ourselves to our eternal presence of awareness with infinite creative power.

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