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Opening Our Conscious Realization

We are so much more than we have believed. Through early telepathic experiences, training by parents and schools and our local society, we have come to believe that we are localized, physical beings. Some also believe that we have a soul that is beyond our perceptive ability. There is a growing number who have realized that we are living in a realistic simulation of experiences that is an expression of greater consciousness. Some believe that this consciousness is artificial in the sense that is has no inherent life force of its own. This is for each of us to recognize. We are its creators, imagining it from ego-consciousness and endowing it with our attention and energetic alignment, apart from the essence of our heart. It is a mental construct that we have chosen to believe is real, so it is real for us. But it operates within a limited spectrum of energetic duality within the empirical experience.

Scientifically and spiritually, we know that there is a universal consciousness that we participate in, but we have established boundaries to our awareness. These boundaries were created by us, so that we could have an authentic human experience. If we decide that we want greater awareness, we can work with our consciousness to resolve these boundaries, by paying attention to our intuitive guidance. We can also work creatively with our subconscious, innate being. Our subconscious is our faithful servant who forms and maintains every cell of our body. It learns repetitive patterns of movement, and it manifests the energetics of our predominant mental and emotional patterns into the enhancement or diminishment of our body. It expresses our own qualities of energy into our physical presence.

Our subconscious knows our intuition and would naturally follow it, but the subconscious is primarily subject to our conscious direction and guidance. We have given this task to our ego-consciousness, which is a creation of our limited beliefs. The ego is unaware of our intuition and must be transcended, as we become sensitive intuitively. Intuition has no boundaries and can be known emotionally, mentally and sometimes through the senses. It works through our entire being, every way that we can be aware. When we learn to align with the energetics of our heart, our subconscious comes into alignment with our conscious awareness, and we become a unified Being, with a positive perspective.

As we align ourselves with our subconscious self in the energy of our heart’s intuition, and we have become a unified intuitive Being of unconditional love and compassion, our awareness opens beyond the world of human experience to our infinite, eternal present awareness. We can realize ourselves as infinitely powerful creators in all dimensions. As fractals of universal consciousness, we are connected to our essence through our intuition and designed to create knowledge, emotions, and experiences beyond the capabilities of ego-consciousness.

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