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On the Way to Stardom

Everything that we could ever want is available to us now. All we have to do to experience it in our lives is to recognize it in our imagination and feelings and know that it is real for us. We create our experiences with the help of divine energetic plasma waves in the quantum field enveloping us. They are always responding to our visions and emotions. Through our intuition, they are non-intrusively guiding us to free ourselves from the compartment of consciousness that we have limited our awareness to. Once we know that we are constantly creating the qualities of our experiences just by the way we feel and think, we realize that we can live in deepest love and joy.

When we realize the power of our essential Being, with our unlimited creative abilities, we are completely free, no longer enslaved in duality. We can be aware of the nature of all the presuppositions that underlay our way of life, and we can question them. We may find that they are all fantasy. We have become so enmeshed in our self-imposed enslavement, that we have attracted negative enforcers in the form of our elite controllers, to whom we constantly give our life force, so that they can continue to steal from us on many levels.

The way out of a limited life is to transcend it in every way by adjusting our personal vibrations to be only positive in a high-frequency band. By having a perspective that is based in unconditional love, we modulate the energies that we encounter into resonance with us. We are no longer attracted to the clever, deceptive, life-diminishing energies of negativity. We can enhance the life of every conscious being we encounter just by our presence of awareness radiating love and compassion.

With the realization of our eternal presence of awareness, we can know that we can be absolutely trustworthy. This is an important achievement, because our ego-consciousness does not trust itself. It doubts all of our true abilities and is distracted by nearly everything. Not trusting ourselves results in the stifling of our intentional creativity, and so we have lived with our limited beliefs about ourselves.

There are things that we can do to bring ourselves into a state of serenity. We can listen to inspiring music, work with our breath, absorb the energies of natural environments and more. We can learn to sit quietly and imagine how we arise out of the consciousness of the Creator of all, along with everyone and everything that exists. We are all the same Being, sharing the same universal consciousness, all enveloped in unconditional love and joy. We can live in only positive energies in a dimension more divine. When we can absolutely trust ourselves, we become the masters of our lives, with infinite creative power, expressing the radiant energy of our heart.

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