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On the Way to Infinite Awareness

As humans living in a realm mixed with positive and negative energies and experiences, we have been blind to how awesome we are. So that we could experience living in duality, we have adopted a portion of universal consciousness that enables us to have limiting beliefs about ourselves. The next step toward our spiritual evolution is expanding our conscious awareness. It involves becoming aware of our deepest inner knowing of everything and realization of our infinite essence of Being. In our expanded Self, we are each a location-less center of consciousness. We are our limitless presence of awareness, possessing every possible ability and creative power, limited only by our personal beliefs about ourselves. All of these limitations depend upon our belief in fear and mortality. They are self-created through the social conditioning that we inherited and acquired as children. We can recognize and resolve our limiting beliefs through inner knowing of our deepest Self. Beginning with our conscience, we can expand our awareness of life-enhancing thoughts and feelings in alignment with our heart-consciousness.

In the world we are creating, we can expand beyond empirical awareness to etheric awareness, including our realization of refined bodies in prime condition without entropy (time-decay). We can align our vibrations with the heart-conscious energies of life-enhancement through our feelings of gratitude, love, compassion, joy and all of the uplifting thoughts and emotions. By focusing on people and things that resonate with these vibrations, we align our personal energetics with them. In every moment, what we experience is the qualities of the vibrations of what we feel, do and think about.

What we believe is real, is what becomes real for us. This can be understood through the realization of infinite consciousness, which envelops our essence, and in which we arise as Self-Conscious Beings. It is a realization that we can open ourselves to and can transform our reality. But we can’t fool ourselves by thinking that we have this realization. It must be acquired intentionally in alignment with our heart-consciousness and a desire to release our limitations by paying attention to what we love.

There are many ways of becoming mentally and emotionally clear and free of personal drama and empirical fixations. There is a process using natural energies to help us become aware of our inner knowing. Contacting the Earth with our skin can help us align with the vibrations of Gaia. Being present in spectacular places on high mountain ridges, in giant canyons, in old-growth forests, in pools beneath waterfalls and in the beauties of the clear ocean, all can inspire us to open our awareness beyond our limiting beliefs. We can ask within for our awareness to be filled with Creator Consciousness.

Because we are fractals of Creator Consciousness, arising within the infinite essence of life, our nature is drawing us into greater and greater Self-Realization. We have the choice of remaining in limited consciousness or expanding into infinity, with many uplifting steps along the way.

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