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Observations on Realizing a Greater Reality

Within infinite consciousness, we arise as fractals of Creator Consciousness, unlimited in every way. Although we participate in infinite consciousness, we have limited our human selves with fear and doubt in order to participate in a realm that has been impossible for us to experience. Now we know what negativity feels like, and what it creates in our experience. We are living with the results of our mental and emotional vibrations. With our limited awareness, we are able to realize the reality of the world of human experience, and we’ve become so entranced in it, that we have been unaware of what is beyond.

When we become curious about the essence of our life, we usually start looking for a teacher. Unknowingly, each of us has our own inner connection with infinite consciousness, and this is what we can become aware of. As long as we believe that we can be victims and can suffer and die permanently, we cannot open ourselves to infinite consciousness. We cannot believe that it exists for us, even though quantum physics has shown that it does. Except for personal experience with negativity, we do not need limiting beliefs about ourselves. They are purely a matter of choice, and we can change our preferences.

In order for us to adhere to our preferences, we must focus our attention with intentionality. Our ego consciousness constantly runs scenarios through our minds and emotions, wanting things that we keep ourselves from believing are possible. In actuality, everything is possible for us.

We live in a cosmic plasma of electromagnetic wave patterns that convey conscious impressions, some of which we recognize, align with and interact with. These express the energetic qualities that are important for us, but there are many more beyond our recognition. How we feel about ourselves determines our vibratory alignment, and it influences what we pay attention to. By believing and feeling that we are complete creators in our own awareness, we can create what we want in a heart-felt way. Our experiences are a result of our inner state of being. They are reflections of our thoughts and feelings, our beliefs and our perspective.

If we penetrate deeply into our inner essence, we can begin to experience our pure presence of awareness in every moment. We can recognize our ego-consciousness and our heart-consciousness. We know how they feel and the kind of experiences that they create. Instead of living in the hypnotic trance of humanity, we can choose to expand our awareness in ways that interest us and that we enjoy. There is no judgment of how we use our power of freedom to think and feel however we choose. There are only results. Either we limit and enslave ourselves to negativity, or we free ourselves in gratitude from limitation and allow ourselves to be guided by the intuition of our heart in infinite consciousness.

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Apr 25, 2023
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