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Necessarily Transcending Ego-Consciousness

For eons our ego consciousness has guided us through the world of duality, believing that we are separate beings from one another, subject to the actions and controls of others outside of our own consciousness. Even now we wonder about our future. Will the monetary system crash and our money become worthless? Will there be expanded warfare? Will we be poisoned by the pharmaceutical, pesticide, herbicide and GMO companies? Will we become transhumanized by artificial intelligence and lose our free will? How can we withstand all of these outside threats to our well-being?

The big question is, how do we know any of this is real? It is real, if we believe that it is. What if we choose not to believe it? Everything about the world that we experience as humans is a complex, interacting matrix of energetic patterns held in the consciousness of humanity as reality. Only can a powerful mass of awakened individuals change the conscious fixation of humanity, and this is happening, but we as individuals can change our own perspective and transcend the experiences of humanity.

The quantum sciences of the past century have given us some wonderful insights about the nature of our reality. Things are not as they appear to most of us. If we reduce everything to a subatomic level, it becomes clear that every electromagnetic wave and pattern of waves exhibit conscious awareness. Energetic patterns that we recognize become empirical entities when we recognize them. They are also multidimensional and can exist in more than one place at the same time. From this we can deduce that they are expressions of consciousness, and that every aspect of ourselves is consciously aware.

What does this have to do with our predicament as humans? We have the ability to control our consciousness. We can accept into our experience only the interactions that we desire. Just as our constituent parts are held in our consciousness, we have the ability to change the quality of their vibrations by our state of being. Everything in our bodies, our relationships and our experiences is a result of our beliefs and perspectives. The quality of our conscious awareness controls everything in our lives.

Our ego consciousness cannot conceive of how this could be, but intuitively we can know and align ourselves with the vibrations that are most life-enhancing and empowering. Living in this knowing and feeling the energies that we are most attracted to results in living the expression and experience of these energies. Our life experiences come from within our own consciousness.

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24. Apr. 2022

Aloha Ken,

The very first paragraph that you wrote here is a very good description of my mind on a daily basis until I snap myself out of the fear vibration thought pattern. Sometimes it's like being on auto pilot. Now I catch myself when I'm in it and it's easier to flow out of it.

Thanks for what you do.

Gefällt mir
Kenneth Schmitt
Kenneth Schmitt
24. Apr. 2022
Antwort an

Thank you, Al. I very much appreciate your comments.

Gefällt mir
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